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Wickets are a flexible training aid utilized in multiple sports such as cricket, soccer, and track and field. Comprising tall vertical poles, wickets are strategically positioned to form obstacle courses or target zones for athletes to navigate around or through. They are often utilized for agility exercises, speed enhancement, and enhancing footwork and coordination. Whether you're on the field or at the gym, wickets provide a dynamic and efficient method to improve athletic performance in various sports

HPA™ - Wickets

SKU: 217537123571248

    Start by using a wet cloth or sponge to wipe down the wickets and get rid of any dirt or debris. To tackle more stubborn stains or dirt, clean the wickets by softly brushing or scrubbing with a gentle soap or detergent solution and a soft sponge. Cleanse the wickets thoroughly with water to eliminate any soap remains, and then let them dry completely in the air before storing them. Frequent cleaning is important for preserving the quality of the wickets and keeping them in top shape for training.

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